Music has always been a passion. Who didn’t listen to Curry & Van Inkel, Soulshow or Radio Veronica?

Around 1982 I met the employees of ‘t Gebouw in Lekkerkerk in the Gym. I played USA import in the Gym which was also used for the Arobic classes and which I heard in the Bleutiek-In. This got me talking, and was asked if I wanted to play. Within a short time I was playing in front of an audience of 500 people. Strangely enough, that went extremely well. Maybe the choice of music?

After being a substitute for a while, I became a permanent employee. I was even chairman of Stichting Jeugd en Jongerenwerk Lekkerkerk, which organized the evenings. A beautiful time that I like to think back to. Met lots of people; Ferry Maat, Robin Albers, Curry & Van Inkel, Peter Teekamp, Martijn Krabbe, Kas van Iersel, Carolien Tensen, Rob Fabrie too many names to name. It is not really clear when exactly I stopped, but I have certainly walked longer than 10 years. Who would this be about?…

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