Music has always been a passion. Who didn’t listen to Curry & Van Inkel, Soulshow or Radio Veronica?

Around 1982 I met the employees of ‘t Gebouw in Lekkerkerk in the Gym. I played USA import in the Gym which was also used for the Arobic classes and which I heard in the Bleutiek-In. This got me talking, and was asked if I wanted to play. Within a short time I was playing in front of an audience of 500 people. Strangely enough, that went extremely well. Maybe the choice of music?

After being a substitute for a while, I became a permanent employee. I was even chairman of Stichting Jeugd en Jongerenwerk Lekkerkerk, which organized the evenings. A beautiful time that I like to think back to. Met lots of people; Ferry Maat, Robin Albers, Curry & Van Inkel, Peter Teekamp, Martijn Krabbe, Kas van Iersel, Carolien Tensen, Rob Fabrie too many names to name. It is not really clear when exactly I stopped, but I have certainly walked longer than 10 years. Who would this be about?…
Due to the deterioration of the building and the nightlife in the region, it came to an end in 2011. On 12/2/2011 a Crashdown Party was held in the parking lot next to the old building. 1800 people came here to experience the last party. Many people will remember this.
Played for a year at Radio Vrolek since 1985. The time when VRL became legal in the old Town Hall. Returned again in 2009. Worked together with Mike Maaskant, Jacolien de Jong & Daan Berg (Open Rotterdam, 538). Nowadays only Dance in the Remix from 8-10 pm on the Wednesday evening with the program; When I Grow Up. After the RTV Krimpenerwaard has become no longer active on the Radio

Some pictures